About Resource Edge Publishers

My name is Joe Phelps, I am the owner and lead writer for Resource Edge Publishers. I have been writing with an emphasis on business for many years. I have always sought to write in a way that is genuine and holds the reader's interest. My background is in music and writing, whereas in recent years we have published several books that are intended as a marketing tool for the business people we have worked with, always with an emphasis on quality writing.  I am American college educated with bachelors and masters degrees, graduating in the top five percent of my class from each university I attended.  I am very family oriented in my personal life, my lovely wife and three wonderful children are what inspire me to write and share a unique perspective with the world.

I believe that written words deserve to live and breathe, free to inform and excite, to engage and immerse the reader in a world of thoughts and ideas. I prefer not to stifle the words you commission through a certain keyword density, a latent semantic indexing protocol, or a cut-off word count. Words cannot be caged, cajoled or cramped. They need a client with understanding. Someone with readers who appreciate the swirl and sway of mood and meter in the telling of a story.

Our mission is to produce quality content that exceeds the expecations of the reader.  Specifically, our objective is two-fold: First, provide the reader with the information that they were looking for in a pleasing, easy to read manner when they clicked on the link to your content. Secondly, it is also our purpose to lead the reader to take appropriate action based on what they have read according to your goals for each particular campaign.  

We've all had the experience of reading articles and blog posts that are incomplete or do not make sense.  This type of experience can be a result of other writers not adhering to quality standards, but rather seeking to produce as many spun (mostly unreadable) articles as possible.  Each of our articles goes through a rigorous composition and editing process, to ensure that the reader is not left with that empty feeling after they've read the material.

Uncompromised Quality Standards

In a world where more and more writers seem to put a higher premium on faster, as opposed to better, we strongly believe that sacrificing the quality of one's writing is the most vital mistake that any content provider can make.  When your product has your name behind it, the quality of your product tells people about the quality of your company and, in turn, the quality of the people who are with that company.

While the many innovations in publishing and information technology are wonderful, we strongly believe that the craft and the tradition of quality writing must continue.  We believe that content well prepared for search engines can coexist with tradition and the old fashioned values of quality writing.  If you have ever worked with us or if you do so in the future, it is our greatest hope that you will see these values reflected in our finished projects.


Resource Edge Publishers is a privately owned company that specializes in providing high quality written content.