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A Review of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S4, first made available to consumers in April 2013, has been one of the first options listed with every carrier that offers this device since its release. The seemingly endless number of features and stellar performance are continuing to help maintain the S4's status as one of the leading smartphones available on the market today.  This review will cut through the hype and help you determine if this phone is the best choice for you.

Design Characteristics

The design has many similarities to its predecessor, the S3, since that model had already been a huge success with the public. However, if one looks closely, it will be noted that there are subtle unique developments in the design of the S4. The Galaxy S4 most assuredly is both straighter and sleeker than the S3.

By having a larger 5 inch screen as well as a true HD resolution, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is able to display a pixel count which is similar to that of an advanced HD television. Similar in size to the S3, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is very light weight and has the dimensions of 5.38 by 2.75 by 0.31 inches (or 136.6 by 69.8 by 7.9 mm).

Voice Communication

The S4 sets the standard in terms of quality of phone call. In addition to the enhanced ability to personalize the sound profile, one has the control to toggle between noise cancellation and to increase the volume in a noisy environment. Voices are heard very clearly through the earpiece so calls placed with this phone have superior sound quality. In tests, the S4 was able to hold a call for a continuous conversation for 12 hours and 35 minutes, which is in fact very strong when compared to other models.

Hardware and Software

The Samsung Galaxy S4 features an impressive hardware package that includes a 1080p Super AMOLED display as well as a substantial 2,600 mAh battery. Also the S4 typically includes 2GB of RAM and a rear 13 MP camera and front facing 2MP camera.

The S4 includes Samsung’s user interface TouchWiz. While there are many similarities to the previous Galaxy S3, this phone does come with many new features including AirView, Smart Scroll and Smart Pause, and the functionality of a remote control for a TV.

Easy Mode

One particular interesting addition with the S4 is a revised Easy Mode. This feature was introduced by Samsung on previous models, but primarily it was made up of simplified widgets that were displayed on a typical home screen of an Android. With the Galaxy S4, Easy Mode now has a launcher that is separate which is designed to emulate an interface of a feature phone as well as allowing access to the functionality of a basic smartphone. The purpose of this is to make it easier for older users or those buying smartphones for the first time to adapt to the new system. The user can enable Easy Mode at the initial setup or it can also be toggled easily in the Settings menu.

Final Review

In conclusion, the pros of the S4 include the impressive 1080p Super AMOLED display, the long battery life which is one of the best we have noted from a top selling smartphone, the 13MP camera which could rival some of the best regular point and shoot cameras on the market, and the new features like Smart Scroll, AirView, and the improved Easy Mode which significantly add to the quality of the experience for the user. The cons are that Samsung uses plastic as the primary construction material, which results in a device which may feel less like a premium model compared to the overall standard of this phone for some discriminating users, and we found that some kinks may still need to be ironed out with the TouchWiz interface. Overall we recommend the Samsung Galaxy S4 as an excellent choice for a high end smartphone.


Money Management Tips for Successful Forex Trading

If you are trading on the forex market or are considering doing so, you are already aware of the great profit potential that exists in forex. While the profits can be substantial, they only exist because of the great risks also involved with forex trades. There are many systems that can be used which have demonstrated good results in back testing or previous live trading, but the reality is that no system is foolproof and the market can move in any direction unexpectedly at any time. Therefore, it is essential to use proper money management techniques for long term growth potential to avoid large losses which may cause you to lose all or most of your investment capital.

These tips should help you to minimize losses while maximizing profits. Almost all forex traders will tell you that money management is the primary key to success in forex.

1. Always use a stop loss. Some traders may feel that they are sure of a trade based on several indicators pointing to a trend, and that they don't want to use a stop loss to allow the trend to develop fully. While it may be true that eventually the price of any currency pair is likely to reach a certain profit target, the fact remains that it may make a major move in the opposite direction first. This may lead to a margin call by your broker or other losses which cannot be sustained.

2. Determine the weekly or monthly profit level goals you would like to achieve based on the projected results for the system you are using. Take into account the success rate (percentage of winning trades) and average number of trading opportunities your system is likely to present. It is recommended to be conservative in your goals to allow some room for weeks or months when the results do not fully meet the projections.

3. Determine the risk you are willing to take or need to take to achieve the profit goals you set. Keep in mind both the percentage amounts of your total balance that you will risk in each trade and also the maximum you are willing to risk at any one time combining all of your open positions. Figure your stop loss according to your system, some systems will recommend a stop equal to or less than your profit target, others may recommend a a larger stop to allow some cushion before the price hits your profit target. Then, determine the number of lots you will trade so that if your trade is a losing trade, the amount of money lost will equal the percentage of your balance you are willing to risk on that trade.

4. Once you have these limits in place, execute your trades with these stops and targets every time. Stick to your plan, don't get greedy when things are going well and don't fear when some of the trades don't go your way. Stick to your resolve and have faith in your system. All traders experience losses, you will be no different, but if you stick to a predetermined risk plan as a percentage for each trade, you will always live to trade another day.

Putting these tips into action will put you on the path to the discipline needed for success in forex. Believe in yourself and the rewards can be great for you, not only financially but personally as well.


Help with Choosing a Home Remodeling Company

As you consider working with a remodeling company to repair or renovate areas of your home, it helps to take many factors into consideration. The best remodeling contractor will be versatile enough to be able to work with all areas and systems in your home, saving you the expense and hassle of contacting many different companies. As you think about your remodeling needs room by room and project by project, look for a contractor who is ready to help you through the entire process of remodeling your home. A trustworthy and experienced home remodeling contractor should meet with and be willing to provide a free consultation, after which a free estimate will be tailored to the specific needs of your home.

If possible look for a company that does not hire any subcontractors to complete any portion of your remodeling project. Ideally you should find a contractor with its own employees that can handle everything, even the plumbing and the electrical work. This way you will not need to be concerned about having to hire a plumber, electrician, and then still another general contractor.

Today many homeowners are looking for ways to go green, both to be environmentally conscious and for long term cost savings through increased efficiency. Today's best home remodeling companies should be knowledgeable in these areas and be able to advise you regarding savings on your energy bill, sustainable materials and also repurposed uses for the existing features of your own home.

The following areas are things to consider for specific remodeling needs that you may have:


Whether you need simple faucet and hardware modifications or complete remodeling of your kitchen, discuss your needs with the contractor and determine if they can give you a vision of what can be done to successfully complete your project. A contractor who is maintaining a good reputation as a top notch kitchen remodeling company will help transform your kitchen from drab to dazzling with any project.


Good bathrooms ideally should not only be inviting but also functional. Whether you need only a basic bathroom renovation with new flooring tile and possibly a countertop to be updated, or the full bathroom needs to be redesigned, look for remodeling contractors with experience with bathroom remodeling and a track record of ensuring their customers are satisfied with the final result.


The key to a successful finished basement project is to hire the right contractor. Whether you desire an additional family room, home office or workout area, attention to detail on the part of the general contractor will make the difference as to how appealing your new finished basement will be. A qualified contractor will know best how to incorporate the right finishing touches including crown molding, hidden storage areas, pleasing color schemes, and much more. In the right hands, your
basement when finished can be a unique work of art, as well as being very functional and purposeful.


Are you dreaming of having a beautiful hardwood floor in your house? Or perhaps you are considering heated tile flooring in the kitchen to help keep everyone's feet warm on cold mornings in the winter. The options are virtually endless, even if all you need is just a change of carpet to give a new and fresh look to your bedroom. Consult with your contractor to determine what the best options are for your home.

Plumbing and Electrical Work

If your remodeling wish list includes an electrical or plumbing upgrade, look for a contractor that can offer the latest in safety products for electrical work as well as "green" solutions for lighting and also the newest products in plumbing, such as flexible and cost effective PEX tubing. The ideal company will be able to send a qualified electrician or plumber to recommend and install the best solution, which may increase the value of your home as well.

Handyman Service and Home Repairs

Many homes, whether they are old or new, frequently need home repairs. Things like doorknobs that are loose, broken windows, and those "uh-oh" moments from a do it yourself project gone wrong can add up after a period of time. A good home remodeling contractor can work with you to take those various repairs needed for your home off of your to do list.

Damage Restoration

Any unexpected disaster affecting your home can be very frustrating, particularly if water or fire damage has taken place. Ask your contractor if they can not only restore your damaged property, but also help with any insurance paperwork you may need regarding the restoration project.


Benefits Of Hybrid Cars For The Consumer

Hybrid automobiles are autos that operate efficiently on either fuel or electricity. The mixture of applying fuel and utility power can make hybrid vehicles both environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient.

The vast majority of hybrid autos are powered by two diverse engines: a fuel engine and an energy motor. The fuel engine is responsible for starting and stopping the vehicle, while the energy motor is accountable for actually making the auto move. By making use of the two engines in this way, the vehicle isn’t completely dependent on fuel. This, in turn, cuts down on the environmental pollution & the amount & therefore cost of gas used.

Hybrid motors get considerably better gas mileage than the traditional internal combustion motor. Most get between twenty and thirty miles per gallon more than standard automobiles. All hybrids turn off the gas engine immediately when the vehicle is stopped. This preserves gas and is more desirable for the environment. When you push the gas pedal, the motor turns back on immediately. The gas engine will also come on to start charging the batteries when they become low on power.

Because a reduced amount of fuel is used in these automobiles, there are less pollution causing emissions sent into the environment. In addition, there is a lower amount of co2 released into the environment. Several scientists and environmentalists link carbon dioxide to global warming.

Hybrid vehicles have been both the beneficiary of and the inspiration for fresh technological developments in the automotive industry. Thorough testing has determined that some models of hybrid vehicles can be more fuel successful than straight gasoline powered autos and also be just as responsive and powerful. Hybrid cars remain now a viable choice for families and businesses that would like to reduce their reliance on petroleum, conserve money on fuel, and impact the environment in a greater way.


Things to Look for When Hiring a Plumber

When you need the services of a plumber, there are several important things to consider in order to help you find the best service. Whether your issue involves drain cleaning, sewer and water lines, or new installation, these are some tips for finding a plumbing service that will best fit your needs.

When plumbing problems arise in your home or business, look for someone with a track record of experience serving your community. It is recommended to choose a plumber with at least 10 years experience servicing the local area. A locally based plumber with a history of satisfied customers shows that they understand their market and will do all they can to maintain a good reputation locally. Look for a plumbing service with a commitment to 100 percent satisfaction of every customer. A personal touch and prompt attention to your concerns shows that you have found a plumber that will make sure that you are pleased with their work and that you can be assured the problem will be fixed right and stay fixed.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a plumbing contractor is to make sure that the company is qualified to provide repairs at the deepest level if needed. Look for a company that not only provides full plumbing service but also specializes in drain cleaning and underground services, thus being able to work on problem drains, sewer and water lines in the floor, walls, basement, slab, and underground on the property to diagnose and correct the issue at the root of the problem.

Other important factors to consider include seeking a plumbing service that has a reputation of providing honest, trustworthy services; shows attention to detail in their workmanship; provides a free estimate of costs before beginning work; and can explain even the most complex plumbing issues in terms that are easy to understand for the average customer. Also be sure to ask the company what kind of warranties are offered, understand the warranty provided before authorizing any work. A qualified and reputable plumber will provide the best warranty coverage for all varieties of plumbing problems that need to be corrected in your home or business.

By considering all of these things when choosing a well qualified plumber, you will find the best service at a fair price. Any plumbing company that meets all these criteria will be certain to make affordability, quality work, excellent customer service and your complete satisfaction their number one priority in order to maintain an exceptional reputation and to grow their business through referrals from happy clients.


Take Pleasure In Family Vacations At Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a superb seashore vacation destination that offers almost endless expands of powdery white sand and also the crystal blue Atlantic Ocean. The beaches are only the beginning of what a truly fantastic vacation in the Myrtle Beach area is all about.

No matter if you’re searching for a enjoyable break out of your day-to-day life or even a vacation packed with activity, you are going to uncover everything and then some at Myrtle Beach. There’s something for everyone, including miniature golf, water parks, fine dining, shopping, plus a great deal more. Golf enthusiasts will uncover paradise in choosing from over eighty pro courses within the Myrtle Beach/North Myrtle Beach areas.

When the sun goes down in Myrtle Beach, the fun does not end. Numerous fine dining restaurants will entice you with their scrumptious food selections. After you have eaten dinner you’ll be able to go to one of the many nightclubs in Myrtle Beach that provides a dazzling variety of entertainment that include comedy, country music, rock ‘n’ roll, and of course the shag dance music for which the beach destination is so very well identified.

Hidden apart from the hustle and bustle of life you will uncover endless expands of exotic seashores with the sounds and aromas from the ocean. The salt water wetlands here are filled with shrimp, crab, oysters and even species of fish. No matter what you do, you can’t help but to relax as the sea breeze caresses the awesome scenery of Myrtle Beach.

Situated just eight miles north from the city of Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach features beaches which are less crowded where the pace is much slower. Fewer high rise hotels help to maintain a family focused atmosphere. Here, you can take early morning walks along the ocean and realize the unlimited treasures that mother nature has left for you and your family.


Aspects Of Lung Cancer - Information To Help

Understand Risk Factors and Treatment Options

We all have learned about the essential functionality which our lungs carry out, i.e. the assimilation of oxygen into our bloodstream plus the expelling of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Lungs are an essential organ of our body and lung cancer (or the development of malignant cells in lungs) may genuinely be life threatening.

Factors of lung malignancy

Many people would recognize the primary trigger of lung malignancy to be cigarette smoking. Yes, using tobacco is the principal culprit lurking behind lung cancer. Even passive cigarette smoke can slightly increase the chance of developing lung cancer. It is unfortunate that along with all the information that is made available regarding the damaging effects of smoking and individuals understanding that using tobacco can cause lung cancer, many people continue to smoke cigarettes. People who work in industries that entail considerable use of asbestos and other chemical substances and gases are also at a greater risk of developing lung cancer.

Signs of lung cancer

Most often the symptoms of lung cancer are related to cough conditions. While lung cancer malignancy may lead to extended coughing, upper body bacterial infections, difficulty with inhaling and exhaling or perhaps a discomfort in breathing are some of the additional signs or symptoms of lung cancer. The occurrence of such symptoms ought not direct you to immediately deciding that you have lung cancer. Only a qualified medical professional through proper evaluation and medical tests may determine whether or not you have contracted lung cancer.

Prognosis of lung cancer

When you discover symptoms of lung cancer, your health practitioner may possibly begin with having an x-ray along with a sputum test done. CT tests and biopsies also may be used to determine the diagnosis of lung malignancy.

Treatment of lung cancer

As will be the case with most varieties of cancer, the treatment of lung cancer is generally planned according to the type of lung cancer, its size, the stage of lung malignancy and your general wellness. The primary treatments of most lung cancers include chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy (and also the mixture of each can be applied). Surgical procedures may also be employed in several circumstances but the suitability of surgery is determined by the physician according to various factors which are considered.


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