We offer to provide quality writing in the form of search engine optimized (SEO) articles of whatever length you require, web content, blog posts, press releases, e-books, and any other project for which you need quality writing.

There was a time when keywords could be included to a density of 5% or more without penalty. Now after the Panda updates and other algorithm changes by Google, the search engines look for much lower densities, usually no more than 1%, as well as synonyms of the main keyword sprinkled throughout the body text and a general themed approach.

This makes your written content much easier to read. It also makes everything flow much more naturally. When a page is stuffed with the main keyword – even to a density of just 2% or 3% – it becomes difficult to read as the keyword has to be repeated so often that it irritates rather than engages the reader. The search engines also prefer it when your pages have a natural look and feel.

While we cannot and will not guarantee it, we usually manage to produce better themed content than the content currently ranking highest in the search engines. This means that all things being equal, the content we produce has a very high chance of ranking very high – and staying there too.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and how we can tailor a project to coordinate well with your overall marketing strategy.  We look forward to working with you to create a well themed approach to attracting new long term customers for your business.


We offer to write high quality:

SEO Articles

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